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Questions about subscriptions

How much does your service cost?
We offer two subscription plans. You can subscribe on a Monthly basis ($79.95 per month) or a Yearly basis ($799.95 per year). The Yearly plan provides the best value as it saves you almost $160.00 over a one-year period.

Both plans give you full access to FPResearch's services and come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee for first time subscribers. If not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, FPResearch will be glad to issue a full refund. Please read our "".
There is no long term commitment. You can cancel at any time but after the initial 30-day period there are no refunds.

If you decide to subscribe to our service, you will first be billed after you complete our subscription process (using our "" page). You will then choose a User ID and Password which gives you immediate access to the current status of our Portfolios, Broad Market signals and Sector signals, as well as other subscriber-only resources of the Web site.

Unless you cancel the service, your subscription plan will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period, and you will be billed accordingly. This helps prevent any lapses in membership during which valuable trade signals could be missed.

What do I get as part of the service?
Once a subscriber, you can log in to the site to access:
  • the current composition and status of our All-Equity Portfolio and Equity-Income Portfolio
  • our Long-term and Intermediate-term Broad Market indicators
  • current signals for Consumer Staples, Emerging Markets, Health Care, High Yield Bonds, US Equity, Global Bonds and Energy Sectors.
When the market condition and environment justifies it, FPResearch also publishes commentaries written by (highly regarded TimingCube Weekly Updates editor). These commentaries that complement efficiently the subscriber-only information are posted on our Web site and a notification about the new publication is sent to you by e-mail.

FPResearch automatically sends an e-mail notification to all corresponding subscribers whenever a signal change occurs and, optionally, a Commentary e-mail notification. That way, you don't have to check the site every day to ensure that you are not missing out on a new signal or other critical information.

Can I upgrade from a Monthly to a Yearly subscription plan?
Yes! Upgrading is advantageous and simple. A Yearly subscription plan costs $799.95 and will save you nearly $160.00 annually.

To find details and initiate the upgrade process, monthly subscribers must log in and click on the "Show me How" upgrading button located on top of the "My Profile" page, which you access after logging in.

How and when do I get notified about signal changes?
FPResearch Models are run at the begining of each trading day before the market open. If a new signal is issued, it will be posted on this Web site and accessible by subscribers by 9:00 am ET. Subscribers are also notified of the signal change by e-mail.

How can I be sure I receive e-mails from FPResearch?
With junk e-mail fast becoming the number one plague of computer users, your software vendors and Internet Service Provider have been erecting defenses and countermeasures which in their zeal can even block messages you actually want to receive, such as important communications from FPResearch.
One of the most effective ways to prevent this from happening is to include friendly e-mail addresses in your address book. The three addresses from which FPResearch sends e-mails are:


This easy fix frequently takes care of the problem, but to be on the safe side and to make sure that you will actually receive our e-mail communications, you can use the "Test communication with FPResearch" function at the top of the "My Profile" page, which you access after logging in. You can also specify an alternate e-mail address on the "My Profile" page. Our E-mail notifications will then be sent to that address too.

Do you offer autotrading or managed accounts?
Yes. For those who do not have the time or inclination to trade our recommendations themselves, our sister company MARKETTREND Advisors offers FPResearch money management. You can contact them by going directly to their Web site at or by contacting them at:

MARKETTREND Advisors, Ltd.
3720 Gattis School Road #800-214
Round Rock, TX 78664

Phone: (512) 255-8722
Fax: (512) 255-8732
Business hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm CST

How can I give a FPResearch Subscription?
The best way to proceed is to simply go through a brand new registration by clicking on the "" link on our website and following the simple steps. You will want to select the "Yearly subscription" because with automatic renewal a "Monthly subscription" would be an open ended gift (and giving just one month would not be of great value). In Step 3 we recommend you fill out the Personal Information for the gift recipient with the exception of the e-mail address which should initially be yours (or the gift recipient will receive our confirmation e-mail with the amount you paid as well as any other e-mails we send prior to you informing her/him of the gift). Of course the Payment Information is yours and it is perfectly secure as we do not display the full card number in the "My Profile" page.
The only extra steps remaining to complete your gift subscription are:
  1. Send us an e-mail to requesting us to remove your credit card information from the gift account to prevent automatic renewal at the end of the 1st year (make sure you include the User ID of the gift account in your request)
  2. Last but not least, at the time of your choosing, inform the lucky recipient of your wonderful gift and be sure to give her/him the website address and their personal User ID and Password. You should also instruct them to go to the "My Profile" page when they first log in and change the e-mail address to their own (or they will not receive our signals or any other notifications)

How do I cancel and discontinue the service?
You can cancel at anytime. You simply have to send a cancellation request by e-mailing us at or by using our "" page. Please specify your User ID in the message.

Please read our "".

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