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Our research and experimentation with momentum-type investment approaches covering over 25 years confirmed consistently superior returns through all market phases. The designers of the FPResearch System, and have a track record of devising successful trading models.

The founders and partners of FPResearch combine extensive backgrounds in finance, computer science, executive management and investment services.

serge dacic - President and Co-Founder

As Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of FPResearch, Serge is responsible for strategy and day-to-day operations of the company as well as its information technology infrastructure.

Serge brings more than 14 years of corporate management and software engineering expertise to FPResearch. His career includes a wide spectrum of management and technical positions in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. During his 9 years at Schlumberger, Serge oversaw multiple research and development projects in Europe and the U.S.

In his spare time, Serge studied investing and the markets. This interest, combined with his computer science background, led Serge to a new type of market timing. The promise of that model led Serge to found Fraser Partners LLC in 2001 and the TimingCube, TradeGuru, ETFTide and MARKETTREND Advisors and services. Serge is still active in these companies.

Serge Dacic received his Ph.D. in Computer Science focusing on Artificial Intelligence as it applies to image processing and adaptative systems from Paris XI University, France. During his tenure at Paris XI, he taught graduate computer science courses on User Interface Design, Usability and Software Ergonomics.

don lansing - partner

Throughout his 20+ year career, Don has been involved in almost every aspect of finance. He spent over 18 years with Advanced Micro Devices gaining experience in a wide array of corporate finance areas. From there, he started an independent investment advisory firm focused on serving individual investors. This desire to serve individual investors and deliver the benefits of the unique MarketTrend investment strategies led to his role in co-founding MARKETTREND Advisors.

In addition to his work with two investment advisory firms, Don teaches finance at a local university's graduate business school.

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